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Cambodia Securities Plc. and ACLEDA Securities Plc. signed an MOU, cooperating together to promote Cambodia’s securities market, and aim to increase overall market liquidity in 2023

The two firms will focus on attracting more foreign investments and listing of Cambodian enterprises. On 13 December 2022, Cambodia Securities Plc. and ACLEDA Securities Plc. signed an MOU under the witness and support from the CSX to ink long-term cooperation between the two outstanding securities houses to promote local financial market, and to further…

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Cambodia Securities Plc. has collaborated with Grand Cathay Investment Trust (Cambodia) Plc. to launch Cambodia’s first venture capital fund.

Cambodia Securities Plc. and Grand Cathay Investment Trust (Cambodia) Plc. have extensive experience in both local and international investment instruments. Their business philosophy is based on national interests and growth, followed by the interests of enterprises. As a result, they collaborate to introduce various investment opportunities with venture capital as their primary focus. Cambodia’s overall…

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Founder and Shareholders


BUTH KERADY (Ellie), Founder & CEO

Ms. BUTH KERADY has spared no effort to promote the economic development of Cambodia. After Cambodia’s economic reform was opened to foreign investment, she often visited countries around the world on behalf of Cambodian officials to exchange ideas and attract investment.

Through abundant professional senior financial background, good relationship with government authorities, Ms. BUTH KERADY foresees economic growth potential and business opportunities in Cambodia, and the development potential of financial capital market in the future, thus she established “Chengfung Investment”, cooperate with the international well-known investment institutions in comprehensive investment in Cambodia, especially in the real estate industry, hotels and finance and insurance, etc.

Before setting up Chengfung Investment Company, she spent nearly 10 years in the management of the financial banking industry, serving as the senior management director of The Post Bank of Cambodia. She was responsible for communicating with the legal persons of corporate offices in China, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong for promoting international business.

Ms. BUTH KERADY has been one of the important promoters of Cambodia’s economic development in recent years and one of Cambodia’s important young leaders.

Cambodia Securities Profile


Cambodia Securities is the first professional securities firm with wholly owned license and with investment banking as its core business after the reform and opening up of the securities market.

Our professional businesses cover underwriting business, self-operated business, brokerage business, asset management and trust business. We support the development of real economy through a comprehensive professional platform, and provide various financial service solutions for corporate clients in Cambodia.

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